For the Love of Fashion; NY Fashion Week Recap

Fashion is a universal langue, similar to birthdays, we all celebrate and express them in our own ways. Fashion week is a party that, thanks to social media, we can all celebrate together and share our likes and dislikes of fashion hits and misses. New York is a city of decadent history which is why their fashion week is unlike any others. The island of Manhattan has been engulfed in fashion and photographers (that also includes anyone with a smart phone). Though NYC is known for having some of the best street style all year round, fashion week is a parade of colour, textures, prints and flare.

To put it not so delicately, it’s couture on steroids. It is no longer a matter of outfits on the runway but outfits of those observing the runways. However, just like the question ’who came first; the chicken or the egg?’, in the world of fashion, there would be no “street style” divas if it weren’t for the runway shows.

After shifting through photos of every show, we have made a somewhat small collection of outfits we just adored! This is what we would call our online version of street style; picking specific items from off the runway and expressing (through words) why we just have to have them! And thats what is so wonderful about fashion, we don’t have to agree but we love listening to everyone’s opinion of taste.

BCBG is always a show we anticipate, for obvious colour blocking reasons. It is no secret that we love capes and snazzy coats at Pomp&Pageantry, so when these two outfits strutted down the runway, our jaws dropped. In addition to our love of capes, our love of fur collars is equal! We also believe in strength through femininity and the choice of colour tones hits the bulls eye.



Prabal Gurung had a fantastic show with simple but great hair and make up and showcased our two top colours for spring: Navy and Orange. Below are two examples of outfits that are extremely different but share the same form and shape that both flatters and shows off the female figure in a non overtly sexual manner. The navy dress is Met Gala worthy and that orange velvet skirt is smashing! (We don’t adore the top since the turtle neck is too “over the top” for our taste).



Victoria Beckham is a relatively new name in fashion (but an old favourite as Posh Spice) but her sense of style is the same as what we like to portray at the store; clean lines mixed with unexpected colours, feline touches that are appropriate and most of all comfort. First of all, the white coat (below) is AMAZING! We would wear it everyday if the blizzards in Yorkville would stop. And the white skirt with the “Andy Warhol style” flower print is flirty and still makes a bold statement. It would look great with cardigans or blouses, so it’s a definite yes in our books!



Rodarte is the one show that we can generally assume everyone started smashing their piggy banks after to go out and buy one of their metallic coats (we can’t decide between the pink or blue one). Brands like Balenciaga with their City bag or Tory Burch with her iconic flats, became major brands because of their one product that was on everyone’s wish list. Rodarte is a brilliant brand but these coats may be what takes them to the next level.



The Jenny Packham show was okay and had some outfits that were not up to our standards (see PompnPageantry twitter feed) but we did fall for one item, this gorgeous pink v-neck sweater.  Unlike The Row and their abominable snowman sweater collection, this sweater is the correct amount of ‘chic and slouch’. We love flawless outfits, which means it looks like you just threw it on and everything just came together.



Zac Posen is a show we always love to see, especially because we know Canadian model Coco Rocha is his BFF and will always be walking down his runway. As well, since the colour orange has been deemed the upcoming “IT” colour, we have been looking for items that are both orange and appropriate, since it’s not an easy colour to wear. However, Mr. Posen rarely disappoints and his orange gown (below) is as delicious as a glass of freshly squeezed OJ from the Four Seasons hotel down the street from our boutique.



Diane Von Furstenberg also gave us a reason to wear orange! An orange fur coat? – Who would have guessed one could look so cool! And of course we love any jumpsuit, so naturally this one is a top choice!



Last but not least, we had to comment on Mara Hoffman’s glitzy aztec inspired dresses! The blue dress on the left (below) would be perfect for a day wandering around on Centre Island and the black gown (below, on the right) reminds us of dressing up in fun costume outfits when we were younger, therefore any dress that makes you feel like a princess belongs in your closet!



 Fashion week maybe over, but let the parade of street style (inspired by the runways) begin!


Super Bowl Fashion 101 – Style & Comfort

On a snowy Saturday before the Superbowl your boyfriend, husband, brother, or male friends are all preparing for game day! This means going to someone house party where you eat yummy (and most likely unhealthy) food and sit and watch the game. Some ladies may enjoy watching football… we will admit that we aren’t the biggest fans, but we LOVE the ads so thats why we tag along to the party!

From last year’s Superbowl party we learned the hard way that a cute or slim fitting dress is not the best idea. But we can all be thankful that in the past year “Sport Attire” has come to the couture runways! Which means you can dress appropriately, be supper comfy and eat as many nachos as you please!

AND, AS ALWAYS, We’ve got you covered!

Today we will talk about and show you some of our favourite ‘comfy & sporty (looking)’ clothing in store!

1. Love Zooey – Chic Jogging Pants with Leather Pockets: Karl Lagerfeld says “track pants are a sign of defeat”, but he has clearly never seen these amazing and incredibly chic jogging pants! Pair it will a white T-shirt or embellished sweater! They even look great with minimalist black heels!


LoveZooey Pants

LoveZooey Pants

2. Piper Gore – Knit Sweater : This sweater’s pop of colour to match with your comfiest pair of jeans or leggings will take you from ‘slouchy’ to ‘stylish’! Ps. Orange is going to be a HUGE colour this season!


Piper Gore Knit Sweater

Piper Gore Knit Sweater

3. Yoga Jeans – Also known as denim Spanx! These jeans are so comfy and flattering, you won’t believe that they are actually jeans! They come in every style, from straight to skinny leg and high to low waist! Not only are they great for SuperBowl Sunday, these jeans are great to travel in! PrintScreen Shot 2014-02-01 at 11.46.39 AM

4. Luv U Always Leggings: Just like their name, you will always love to put on a pair of these leggings! The brains behind the brand knows that leggings don’t just need to be black, they should also be leather, tweed, embellished with sexy zippers and so much more! Pair them with just about any top, cardigan, sweater or blouse and you will look fierce (and of course, super cozy) while watching the game!Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 11.45.03 AM

Luv U Always Leggings

Luv U Always Leggings

Luv U Always Leggings

Luv U Always Leggings

5. C’est Moi Bamboo Tops & Leggings; Bamboo?? Yes, all the C’est Moi tanks and leggings are made with bamboo for extra comfort and stretch! Pair a C’est Moi tank with our Piper Gore sweater and fall into a bliss of coziness! Or pair one of their great tops (which are all extra long so you can wear them with leggings or jeans happily) with a pair of Yoga Jeans! The possibilities are endless!598441_305213622901790_790239948_a

C'est Moi Tank

C’est Moi Tank

C'est Moi Apparel

C’est Moi Apparel

C'est Moi Bamboo Leggings

C’est Moi Bamboo Leggings

They are so comfy, even pandas want to wear them!


Pre-Fall Trends 2014 – STYLE REPORT

It has been days of fashion, fun and flare! As per usual, all our favourite celebrities, socialites and designers have come out from their fabulous lives to show the world their magnificent creations!

We thoroughly enjoyed all the fashion shows so far, mainly because they have all been very different from one another and eclectic (but in a way that you can actually wear it without looking like you got dressed in the dark).

Today we want to talk about trends, a common theme during and after fashion shows… We have looked at the list of the general trends that have been given to the “public” decided which we like the best. Then we have selected pieces from some of our favourite shows that are super trendy and simply gorgeous!

The main colours of the fall are apparently going to be dark green and crisp orange. (Not paired together, hopefully)!darkgreen


There will be a strong presence of plaid-like prints as the “scholastic” style and “grunge” style are seeping their ways back to the runway.





Patterns and shapes will look like something that the Mad Hatter designed (also in a good way)! Its all about geometric patterns and asymmetrical lines.





One of our most favourite shows was Elie Saab! Those dresses made all of us at P&P want to get married multiple times, just to wear each one of them! Elie Saab’s line has already remained feminine without having to be bold, but rather putting emphasis on the softer parts of a woman’s characteristics. Nothing feels better than looking like a lady!



To finish, we just about loved everything but the one item we are coveting is the Proenza Schouler black and white coat that is beyond amazing! We love the patterns, texture and simple/elegant shape! #WANT



Designer Spotlight: Charlotte Tarantola – Queen of Cardigans

Diane Von Furstenberg made her career with one dress in the 1970s and paved the way for women to make brands with one great item! Though many have followed in her footsteps (Carolina Herrera and the ‘White Shirt’ and even recently, Isabel Marant with the ‘Wedge Sneaker’). But there is one designer who has made the staple cardigan in every girl’s closet into so much more than something you just throw on and instead transformed it into the item that ‘makes the outfit’.

Which is why we are always cheerful to say that we carry Charlotte Tarantola’s cardigans!

Her line began in the mid 90’s and the printed cardigan sensation had commenced! We add them to summer dresses, simple jeans and white tank, or when you need a pop of colour or print to that all black outfit.

She also designs knit tops, skirts, and tees, which you can also find in our Yorkville boutique seasonally, but her numerous cardigans that will suit just about any occasion are always in season! We’ve got geometric prints, leopard prints, flower prints and all in a range of beautiful colours!

The Charlotte Tarantola Motto? – “Looking Good Means Feeling Good”!



We even spotted one on Julie Bowen in an episode of Modern Family! (Below)

Julie Bowen

AND on Jayma Mays in an episode of Glee (Below)

Jayma Mays

6-Week Countdown to Coterie – We mean Business, Fashion Business

Fashion Coterie, which is held in New York, is a style bonanza that is always top of the list on our calendar!

This event, unlike a regular fashion show, is a chic and trendy bridge that allows designers, manufacturers and most importantly retailers like ourselves to come together to take fashion another step forward! Not only we will be there to see what our old favourites have for us to gawk at but it is also a fabulous place to meet new upcoming designers and see what fresh designs they have to offer.

Though this event sounds like the ideal shopping spree for us, the people who truly benefits from this event is you, our loyal and fashion-forward customers!

Being a Yorkville boutique, we are always adding and polishing our skills to be the best we can in order to give the you the utmost professional, delightful and satisfying shopping experience, as well as offering the latest and greatest items that the fashion industry has to offer. Events like this allow us to be as unique as our glorious stock room!

All of our #instore favourites will be there but we are already hearing some buzz about newcomers and we are excited to check out possible brands for our store such as Beyond Vintage, Calypso, Camilla&Marc, Frock & Frill, Search for Sanity and Erin Fetherston! 

Erin Fetherston Dresses

(Erin Fetherston Dress are simply divine!)

Last year we discovered Iris Setlakwe, an amazing designer that brought a sophisticated twist to business day wear! We also met Sonjia Williams of Annabelle NY Furs, which was a huge success because living in Toronto you need fur scarves and vests!

Annabelle NY Furs

(Annabelle Furs featured in Vanity Fair!)

We understand there are no two shoppers alike, so we want to hear from you what labels and items you would like to see in our store! You can post photos on Instagram (pompnpageantry) with the #pandp #WantInStore or have a girly convo with us on Twitter @PompnPageantry!

The ‘IT’ Jewellery – Lele Sadoughi

This is one “Bling Ring” you want to be a part of!

Have you heard of Lele Sadoughi??? No? Shame on you! – She has the most impressive jewellery  design résumé in the world (and probably the best jewellery box too). Remember when the fashion world was obsessed with the J.Crew Bubble Necklace?  Well you can thank Lele for that, as she is the design brain behind mega fashion stores such as Anthropologie, J.Crew, Banana Republic and Tory Burch!

Luckily for us she has begun her own jewellery line and we couldn’t be happier to have some of her most special pieces in store!

Lele Sadoughi

Here is what you can expect to see in store:

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 12.27.01 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 12.29.12 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 12.29.32 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 12.29.50 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 12.30.22 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 12.30.58 PM

Even Elizabeth Taylor would agree by saying Lele Sadoughi has reinvented the way all ladies of any age wear and buy jewellery.


Only in Canada is it -23 degrees and people walking the street still look fashionable!

We have a few tips to keep you looking fashionable whilst bracing the bitter cold weather:

1.  Fur Vests

 When it is this cold, you simply aren’t inspired to wear anything that isn’t extremely comfy. So put on your warm leg gins and long cozy sweater, but add a fur vest for a stylish layer and ‘ heat insulation’!

This 525 America cropped fur vest has a slouch and relaxed feel for the girl who needs warmth and mobility!

While this longer grey fur vest by Annabelle (below), it has more structure and can daily be work to work or ladies’ lunches!

2. Fur Scarves and Neck Pieces

Think Anna Wintour during fall Fashion Week… She is always wearing a long sleek jacket with a humongous fur collar to stay chic and warm!

This fur collar by Annabelle can be attached to any jacket or coat! Not only will it keep you warm, it will look like a whole new winter coat!

Last but not least… questionably the most coveted item in the store… the Annabelle infinity fur scarf! Worn by models, celebrities and socialites, a simple yet AMAZING fur scarf that you can pop on quickly to make any outfit winter friendly and fierce!

3. The Cashmere Sweater

If fur isn’t your thing, there is always cashmere to keep you warm day to night…. and we’ve got quite the selction!

These fun and cozy John&Jen Sweaters below (as seen on Mila Kunis) make you want to drink a hot chocolate and go ice skating!


Jolie Handbags – A Must Have

How many times have you walked down the street a gawked at a girl passing by because of her fabulous handbag? – Like a million times, am I right?!

As the fashion world evolves, there are so many more stylistic options and so many more girls to make you envy their closets… but now there is a new class of handbag that has brought work and elegance together.

Meet Ivy Chen. Beautiful, stylish, and most of all, she is a girl that knows that the sky isn’t the limit. As the creator and designer of Jolie handbags her story does not begin in the hectic life of a fashion intern, but working her way up to a corporate executive position. It was thanks to her busy travel schedule that had her jet setting around the world that she decided she had had enough of looking like a ‘bag lady’ (her exact words to me) and was determined to find a bag that looked great but also could handle her personal and business equipment in one. However in this case, she created it.

Now to the bags… they are sensational! Beautiful cow hide leather in an array of colours that will match just about everything in your wardrobe, both business and personal wear. Enough interior and exterior pockets that you can pack all your makeup next to all your chargers. Did I mention it has a separate pocket that keeps your computer safe! (Every working girls dream!)

Need I say more… Take a look below for yourself!

Or better yet, come on in, as her line is our newest member to the P&P  family!


So now when you are walking down the street and see a girl hailing a cab with her Jolie bag, you will not only be jealous of her stunning leather handbag but also of the fact that she is off on an adventure and of course she brings along her Jolie.