Super Bowl Fashion 101 – Style & Comfort

On a snowy Saturday before the Superbowl your boyfriend, husband, brother, or male friends are all preparing for game day! This means going to someone house party where you eat yummy (and most likely unhealthy) food and sit and watch the game. Some ladies may enjoy watching football… we will admit that we aren’t the biggest fans, but we LOVE the ads so thats why we tag along to the party!

From last year’s Superbowl party we learned the hard way that a cute or slim fitting dress is not the best idea. But we can all be thankful that in the past year “Sport Attire” has come to the couture runways! Which means you can dress appropriately, be supper comfy and eat as many nachos as you please!

AND, AS ALWAYS, We’ve got you covered!

Today we will talk about and show you some of our favourite ‘comfy & sporty (looking)’ clothing in store!

1. Love Zooey – Chic Jogging Pants with Leather Pockets: Karl Lagerfeld says “track pants are a sign of defeat”, but he has clearly never seen these amazing and incredibly chic jogging pants! Pair it will a white T-shirt or embellished sweater! They even look great with minimalist black heels!


LoveZooey Pants

LoveZooey Pants

2. Piper Gore – Knit Sweater : This sweater’s pop of colour to match with your comfiest pair of jeans or leggings will take you from ‘slouchy’ to ‘stylish’! Ps. Orange is going to be a HUGE colour this season!


Piper Gore Knit Sweater

Piper Gore Knit Sweater

3. Yoga Jeans – Also known as denim Spanx! These jeans are so comfy and flattering, you won’t believe that they are actually jeans! They come in every style, from straight to skinny leg and high to low waist! Not only are they great for SuperBowl Sunday, these jeans are great to travel in! PrintScreen Shot 2014-02-01 at 11.46.39 AM

4. Luv U Always Leggings: Just like their name, you will always love to put on a pair of these leggings! The brains behind the brand knows that leggings don’t just need to be black, they should also be leather, tweed, embellished with sexy zippers and so much more! Pair them with just about any top, cardigan, sweater or blouse and you will look fierce (and of course, super cozy) while watching the game!Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 11.45.03 AM

Luv U Always Leggings

Luv U Always Leggings

Luv U Always Leggings

Luv U Always Leggings

5. C’est Moi Bamboo Tops & Leggings; Bamboo?? Yes, all the C’est Moi tanks and leggings are made with bamboo for extra comfort and stretch! Pair a C’est Moi tank with our Piper Gore sweater and fall into a bliss of coziness! Or pair one of their great tops (which are all extra long so you can wear them with leggings or jeans happily) with a pair of Yoga Jeans! The possibilities are endless!598441_305213622901790_790239948_a

C'est Moi Tank

C’est Moi Tank

C'est Moi Apparel

C’est Moi Apparel

C'est Moi Bamboo Leggings

C’est Moi Bamboo Leggings

They are so comfy, even pandas want to wear them!



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