6-Week Countdown to Coterie – We mean Business, Fashion Business

Fashion Coterie, which is held in New York, is a style bonanza that is always top of the list on our calendar!

This event, unlike a regular fashion show, is a chic and trendy bridge that allows designers, manufacturers and most importantly retailers like ourselves to come together to take fashion another step forward! Not only we will be there to see what our old favourites have for us to gawk at but it is also a fabulous place to meet new upcoming designers and see what fresh designs they have to offer.

Though this event sounds like the ideal shopping spree for us, the people who truly benefits from this event is you, our loyal and fashion-forward customers!

Being a Yorkville boutique, we are always adding and polishing our skills to be the best we can in order to give the you the utmost professional, delightful and satisfying shopping experience, as well as offering the latest and greatest items that the fashion industry has to offer. Events like this allow us to be as unique as our glorious stock room!

All of our #instore favourites will be there but we are already hearing some buzz about newcomers and we are excited to check out possible brands for our store such as Beyond Vintage, Calypso, Camilla&Marc, Frock & Frill, Search for Sanity and Erin Fetherston! 

Erin Fetherston Dresses

(Erin Fetherston Dress are simply divine!)

Last year we discovered Iris Setlakwe, an amazing designer that brought a sophisticated twist to business day wear! We also met Sonjia Williams of Annabelle NY Furs, which was a huge success because living in Toronto you need fur scarves and vests!

Annabelle NY Furs

(Annabelle Furs featured in Vanity Fair!)

We understand there are no two shoppers alike, so we want to hear from you what labels and items you would like to see in our store! You can post photos on Instagram (pompnpageantry) with the #pandp #WantInStore or have a girly convo with us on Twitter @PompnPageantry!


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