Only in Canada is it -23 degrees and people walking the street still look fashionable!

We have a few tips to keep you looking fashionable whilst bracing the bitter cold weather:

1.  Fur Vests

 When it is this cold, you simply aren’t inspired to wear anything that isn’t extremely comfy. So put on your warm leg gins and long cozy sweater, but add a fur vest for a stylish layer and ‘ heat insulation’!

This 525 America cropped fur vest has a slouch and relaxed feel for the girl who needs warmth and mobility!

While this longer grey fur vest by Annabelle (below), it has more structure and can daily be work to work or ladies’ lunches!

2. Fur Scarves and Neck Pieces

Think Anna Wintour during fall Fashion Week… She is always wearing a long sleek jacket with a humongous fur collar to stay chic and warm!

This fur collar by Annabelle can be attached to any jacket or coat! Not only will it keep you warm, it will look like a whole new winter coat!

Last but not least… questionably the most coveted item in the store… the Annabelle infinity fur scarf! Worn by models, celebrities and socialites, a simple yet AMAZING fur scarf that you can pop on quickly to make any outfit winter friendly and fierce!

3. The Cashmere Sweater

If fur isn’t your thing, there is always cashmere to keep you warm day to night…. and we’ve got quite the selction!

These fun and cozy John&Jen Sweaters below (as seen on Mila Kunis) make you want to drink a hot chocolate and go ice skating!



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