Jolie Handbags – A Must Have

How many times have you walked down the street a gawked at a girl passing by because of her fabulous handbag? – Like a million times, am I right?!

As the fashion world evolves, there are so many more stylistic options and so many more girls to make you envy their closets… but now there is a new class of handbag that has brought work and elegance together.

Meet Ivy Chen. Beautiful, stylish, and most of all, she is a girl that knows that the sky isn’t the limit. As the creator and designer of Jolie handbags her story does not begin in the hectic life of a fashion intern, but working her way up to a corporate executive position. It was thanks to her busy travel schedule that had her jet setting around the world that she decided she had had enough of looking like a ‘bag lady’ (her exact words to me) and was determined to find a bag that looked great but also could handle her personal and business equipment in one. However in this case, she created it.

Now to the bags… they are sensational! Beautiful cow hide leather in an array of colours that will match just about everything in your wardrobe, both business and personal wear. Enough interior and exterior pockets that you can pack all your makeup next to all your chargers. Did I mention it has a separate pocket that keeps your computer safe! (Every working girls dream!)

Need I say more… Take a look below for yourself!

Or better yet, come on in, as her line is our newest member to the P&P  family!


So now when you are walking down the street and see a girl hailing a cab with her Jolie bag, you will not only be jealous of her stunning leather handbag but also of the fact that she is off on an adventure and of course she brings along her Jolie.


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