Our Top 5 Fall Essentials ; PART ONE!

There are many ways to look and feel sexy, but there is no easier way than throwing on a shirt or top that is a gorgeous animal print!
Zebra, tiger, leopard, oh my! So many fabulous prints to choose from how will you ever decide?
Don’t panic, as always we’ve got you covered with our run down of fall’s best animals prints and in what items!
If you want to go all out sexy yet still comfortable, this Wren dress (below) feels as comfy as a velour tracksuit.
Animal print head to toe positively screams empowered woman and of course it is still on trend with the “colour blocking” effect…or shall we say Animal Blocking?!
Up next is our knit leopard print skirt by Velvet. And yes, it is as comfy as it’s brand’s name!
One usually associates knit clothing with big fluffy sweaters, but why not switch it up and have a great knit piece that is an upgrade from your typical fall skirt.  Paired with our black opaque nylons and a sweet l’il ankle bootie also makes for a great day-to-night look!
Velvet Skirt
Now, if you just want a little pop of leopard sassiness, why not one of out  C’est Moi animal printed scarves?
They are lightweight and go with absolutely every outfit in your closet!

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