Our Top 5 Fall Essentials; PART TWO!


Capes are great for over that perfect date night dress, or an evening cocktail number because it adds an interesting layer rather than covering up your gorgeous outfit underneath!

Also! If you are a lady on the go, capes are great to throw over pants and a blouse, or even just leggings and a tunic.

We believe if you feel comfortable in what you are wearing you will strut down the street embodying confidence and therefore true beauty — All that from just a great cape!

Caitlin Power has created the ‘Cape of the Season’ (see below) with small arm slits and a striking leather detail for the neck line which is why it is our number one cape MUST HAVE for fall!

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 3.46.43 PM

Though our next option may not be classified as a cape, it works for your body in the same way. The tribal print has the three shades of most people’s daily outfits: Black, Grey, and Brown. Can you say “Perfect”!? It goes with any colour themed outfit that you plan to wear any day of the week. Its another great piece to pair with leggings and boots!



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