Celebrating Mother’s Day With Designer Rachel Sin

In our month-long celebration of Mom’s we have also partnered with Toronto Clothing Designer, Rachel Sin. We had the pleasure of hosting Rachel and her mother Jenny in the boutique for a fun Mother’s Day photo shoot. See the photos below, where they are both wearing AMAZING blazer’s from Rachel Sin’s line, and learn more about Rachel in her Q&A! 


What has been your mom’s most memorable mother’s day yet?

My mom responded – “This one!”  I loved treating her to a make-over and taking her to her hair and make-up appointment for our photo shoot at Pomp and Pageantry.  I get my workaholic genes from my Mom.  She is the hardest working person I know, she currently still works two jobs and has the energy to enjoy life to the fullest.  It was nice to take some time off together and watch her get glammed up.  She looked amazing in my clothes and was surprised when she fit into a size 2!

 How do you make sure you make time for your mom in your busy schedule?

I always try to take time to enjoy the little things.  It nice to be able to call and say what are you doing tonight?  Let’s do dinner or let’s go and watch a movie.  In my hectic schedule, I value my downtime and being able to spend that time with family.

Has your mom’s sense of style influenced your designs?

Being both working women with busy lifestyle, I’ve learned from my mom to keep my styling choices simple, looking polished and comfort are key. 

When you were little what did your mom think you were going to be when you grew up?

A teacher I think, although she knew I always wanted to become a fashion designer.  She thought a teacher was a stable and secure job to have as a woman.  Even though she always pushed us to be creative, Fashion was the least logical career choice.  So architecture was a compromise of being a creative professional.




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