Celebrating Mother’s Day With Blogger “One Chic Mom”

We are thrilled to be partnering with Fashion Blogger Iva Grbesic from One Chic Mom for our month-long celebration of Moms! As a mother of four, Iva is an incredible example that moms can still stay fashionable while raising children (and has managed to resist the temptation of “mom jeans!”). Iva is also involved with Mumnet (our charity partner during May), which has been extremely helpful during her journey through motherhood.

We had SO much fun last weekend when Iva and her kids came into the boutique for a photo shoot! Take a look at the adorable photos and learn more about Iva in our Q&A below.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 2.59.18 PM

1. What has been your most memorable Mother’s Day yet?
My first Mother’s Day was the most memorable!  My husband and I had just purchased our first house and we were getting our condo ready for showings and spent the entire day cleaning, packing and getting it “show” ready. When it came time to go for dinner we ended up at Burger King. Every year since then we make it to Burger King to commemorate that day. I WAS NOT impressed, however, I got over it pretty quick and it’s become a fun tradition.
2. What’s the craziest thing people have said to you when you tell them you have four kids?
People just usually look at me in shock and awe. I’ve gotten the “I just assumed you have no children” comment. When I tell people I’ve had 4 children in 5.5 years that’s when it gets fun.
3. How do you find the time to look so GREAT?  And when you don’t have a lot of time, what’s the one thing you make sure you do?
I am a mother of four and a fashion/lifestyle blogger. Most people don’t think the two are compatible. I can’t see why not. I’m still a woman. I often get asked, “How do you do it? How do you find the time to shower, let alone dress and then photograph the outfit?” There is no easy answer, no formula or schedule I follow.  I give myself the time I need to feel my best because I AM WORTH IT. Four easy words to say, yet very hard words to believe.
Even if I don’t have time to get my entire look pulled together my hair is always done. That means it’s been blow dried and flat ironed. I don’t wash it every day and on the days it doesn’t want to co-operate I just curl it quickly using a wand or hot curlers.  I just find even if there is no time to put my face on or find the most stylish outfit I can at least not look disheveled.
4. What’s the most important piece in a well-curated wardrobe?
I think it depends on what you are doing. Since I’m still home with the kids denim is my key. EVERY pair should look fabulous. When we age and have children, fit becomes the most important thing when purchasing clothing. I also have a pretty wide range of blazers to finish off any look. But my favourite piece in my wardrobe is my Wayne Clark gown. It is the most beautiful thing I own. Long, black sequins with a nude under pinning. Worthy of any red carpet.
5. If we asked your kids “what does mommy want to be when she grows up?” what do you think they would say?
I actually asked them and in birth order here are their answers:
1. A blogger (8year old)
2. A mom (7 yr old)
3. A dentist (5 yr old)
4. Glass (3 yr old)

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